Maintaining St. Augustine Grass Lawns

With proper maintenance, you can help keep your St. Augustinegrass lawn healthy and attractive. St. Augustinegrass (Stenotaphrum secundatum [Walt.] Kuntze) is a popular warm-season turfgrass for home lawns. It is found in the United States, southern Mexico, South America, South Africa, western … [Read more...]

Tips For Watering Your Florida Lawn

Water is an essential element in all living plants: It combines with carbon dioxide and sunlight for photosynthesis. Food manufactured by photosynthesis and nutrients absorbed by the roots are transported by water to all parts of the plant. Plant temperatures are maintained by transpiration … [Read more...]

Common St. Augustine Grass Problems

St. Augustine grass is often used for lawns in warm climates. Like most varieties of grass, St. Augustine grass comes with a unique set of problems that can affect its health. St. Augustine grass can experience problems with seeding, its environment and pests. Problems with St. Augustine grass can … [Read more...]